Guided Wrangell Island Stream Fishing

Senior - 65 years of age or older
Youth - 12 years of age or younger
Military - Active/retired military and family

Book a trip for some amazing Wrangell, Alaska fishing. This customizable experience is for 2 – 4 anglers of any skill level, accompanied by guide Scott McAuliffe.

Alaskan Fishing Trip in Wrangell

The remote waters that surround Wrangell, Alaska create a reclusive fishing outing that is beyond compare. As your boat rests gently atop the water’s surface and you cast out your first line, you’ll quickly come to realize that Wrangell fishing is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Don’t have your own rod? No problem! The tour comes complete with complimentary rods and hand-tied flies. Keeping our natural resources in mind, this is a catch-and-release trip.

Although he specializes in fly-fishing, your Alaska fishing guide, Scott McAuliffe, is also knowledgeable in spin-fishing reels and techniques.

Although we can assist you in obtaining an Alaska State Fishing License, it is highly encouraged that you acquire one beforehand. While a license is required, you do not need a “King Salmon Stamp” for our fresh water Wrangell, Alaska fishing trips. Additionally, we have limited hip-waders available. If it is at all possible we recommend you come prepared with their own hip-waders.