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LeConte Glacier Excursion

4-Hour Tour | June-August

Senior - 65 years of age or older
Youth - 12 years of age or younger
Military - Active/retired military and family

Cruise via jet boat to a fjord and idle through fields of icebergs on your way to the face of LeConte glacier. If you’re lucky, hear the ice “Thunder." An Epic Glacier Experience!

Basic Tour Info

  • Tour Time: 4 hours (tide dependent)
  • Time in Fjord: 3 hours
  • Restroom Availability: On-board restroom

Discover LeConte Glacier Bay

Experience LeConte Glacier Bay on a fully guided tour in one of our covered, heated jet boats equipped with an on-board restroom. LeConte Glacier resides in a 12-mile-long fjord at the head of LeConte Bay, about 20 miles northwest of the mouth of the Stikine River. This spectacular glacier is North America’s southern-most tidewater glacier and is part of a massive glacial system that stretches 120 miles between the Stikine and Whiting rivers. Snow covered peaks rise out of the fjord to heights of 4,000+ feet towering over all that enter the bay.

Enjoy traveling through the vast iceberg fields and spotting the harbor seals resting with pups on the ice that fills LeConte Bay. These seals take up residence in the bay to give birth to their pups and teach their young from late May to early June. During this time, there is a cycle of life frenzy with bald eagles preying on the newborn seal pups.

LeConte Glacier is an active, advancing glacier with frequent calving. Utilize the back deck to take advantage of incredible photo opportunities then return indoors to warm up. The tour departs from Wrangell and then ventures through Dry Straits to LeConte Bay. We spend approximately two and a half hours in LeConte Bay before returning to Wrangell.