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LeConte Glacier & “Little Norway” Tour

6.5 Hour Tour | June-August

Senior - 65 years of age or older
Youth - 12 years of age or younger
Military - Active/retired military and family

Experience the vast LeConte Glacier fjord in a heated boat, and then take advantage of a 1-2 hour visit to Alaska's "Little Norway" and Wrangell's rival town, Petersburg.

*Please note: “Little Norway” tours are subject to availability and may be booked with groups of 10 or more.

Escape to “Little Norway” on a LeConte Glacier Tour

Explore the 12-mile-long LeConte Glacier fjord in one of our covered, heated boats, as your captain navigates through ice flows and massive icebergs on your way to LeConte Glacier. The indigenous Tlingit named this glacier “Thunder Glacier,” for the sound produced as this massive flow of ice moves under pressure.

LeConte Glacier is North America’s southern-most tidewater glacier and is part of a massive ice field that stretches over 120 miles. It is an active, advancing glacier with frequent calving. View harbor seals with pups nestled on icebergs while bald eagles circle overhead in search of prey (May and June) and snow-covered peaks surround the bay at heights of 4,000+ feet, while spectacular waterfalls thunder down into the fjord below.

Finish (or begin) with an exploration of Petersburg, Alaska’s “Little Norway.” The boat stops for approximately two hours to give our guests the opportunity to grab a bite to eat, shop, and explore this Norwegian founded fishing village.


Our primary vessel, the Chutine Warrior, is the only jet boat in Wrangell with an on-board marine head (restroom). Note that we have other vessels in our fleet that do not have restrooms on board. If you desire alcoholic beverages, please bring your own. Alaska Waters is not licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.

On Sundays, the businesses in Wrangell and Petersburg have different hours of operation and both of Wrangell’s grocery stores are closed.