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Potential Fuel Surcharge

Cruise Ship Passengers

Are you a cruise ship passenger visiting Wrangell?

If you are traveling to Wrangell on a cruise ship, we advise you to book all tours directly through your ship. Wrangell is a smaller port, less visited by cruise ships. As such, all of the most qualified operators have committed their seats for ship passengers.

Alaska Waters is a proud member of the Stikine River Jet Boat Association (SRJBA). The SRJBA is comprised of local operators who prioritize safety and don’t compromise quality. We have been offering our services to the cruise ships that visit Wrangell since 1994. Most of the tours we do for the ships are unique, higher-end tours and while you will see similar tours offered independently they may not be the same. The SRJBA assists us in providing the best service possible to cruise ship passengers during your time in Wrangell. Through the ship’s excursion program, we provide tours to these locations:

Stikine River Wilderness Adventure 
Anan Bear & Wildlife Observatory
• Premium Glacier Discovery

If you are looking for on-island adventures, be sure to check these out on our Island Tours tab, bookable through your ship!


Wait – Listed?

If the cruise ship shows the tour you are interested in as sold out, please ask them to add your party to their wait-list as availability does change constantly.

Wrangell is unlike most of the ports you will encounter on your cruise and we hope you will enjoy the authenticity and beauty of our small community.

Independent travelers arriving by plane or boat can book online or call to book today!